Blinding Lights

Peach Buzz


Blinding Lights Peach Buzz is a burst of summertime in a bottle!   The explosion of succulent fruity flavours will satisfy any sweet tooth.  This delightful beverage is a blend of tangy and tart flavours, complete with a shot of forest blend psilocybin mushroom.  Passionate about peaches?  Blinding Lights Peach Buzz is a fun way to dose with mushrooms, and will have your taste buds buzzing!



Shake the beverage well and remove the cap. In general, the effects are felt after 15-30 minutes.

Keep refrigerated. The beverage will be good for 3 days after opening.


Ingredients: Peach tea, black tea, sugar, citric acid, and the highest quality psilocybin mushrooms.


Available in 500mg 1 Gram and 1.5 Grams


500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg


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